Collection 8

A delicate thread of gold, set with diamonds and precious gems, endlessly intertwining, 8 embodies the timeless nature of a feminine and elegantly simple jewellery. 8 because it mimics infinity, 8 because Brigitte Ermel was born the 8th of August, 8 because it is our lucky number.


An emblematic and iconic jewel of Brigitte Ermel, with its unique diamond-shaped setting invented by the Maison over twenty years ago,
the feminine ESSENTIELLE proudly shows the elegance of a confortable and pure jewel.


Memories of journeys across the world, JARDIN SECRET unveils the richness of a nature transformed into precious creations and exceptional stones


TALISMAN, lucky charm, magical jewel in the shape of a diamond-covered medallion,
dressed with precious stones using the ancient “mille-grains” setting, invites to an enchanting journey.


A theme dear to the Maison, OCEAN undulates between the color of the seas and the seabed.
The collection unfolds an abyss made of marvelous stones with the thousand shades of water reflections.


An astral universe made of precious stars and delicate settings, CÉLESTE reveals the shine of precious stones on jewels with pure and graphic lines.


Created in 2017 for the 25th anniversary of the Brigitte Ermel Paris House, the MÉDAILLONS collection celebrates a quarter-century of colourful design.
Each medallion illustrates a universe that is important to the House.


Hidden treasures, PRÉCIEUSES reveal the most exceptional stones and the most sophisticated colors. They illustrate the spirit of the Maison and its taste for the rarest gems.


Romantic vertigos, the PERLES RARES deploy all the richness of their color range to unite and give birth to jewels always renewed, symbols of femininity reenchanting life.


In a blend of cultures and civilisations, the CARNET DE VOYAGE collection is an anthology of instants plucked
from the farthest reaches of the globe and interpreted through the prism of diversity.